Have you ever been in a situation where your technician is always around fixing your generator? Your generator keeps bringing up issues, and you try to have it around for longer because you don't want to admit it is time to buy a new generator. You spend so much on repairs, and your machine doesn't seem to be cooperating with you. We have even had requests from customers asking us to list all the parts of the generator so they can replace all the features of an old generator. Some people never want to let go; the best thing you can do is replace the generator.


Over repairing your generator does not necessarily mean fixing it all the time. There are situations where you might not be tackling the actual problem, thereby trying to fix an entirely different thing. This article discusses when the right time to stop calling the technician and purchase a new generator for yourself. It will help you avoid wasting your money on repairs.



We all know that the engine is the generator's heart and spinal cord; without it, the generator cannot function. If there's the slightest problem with the engine, there's a need for the technician to check it out. However, some cases are beyond repair and require a new engine or generator. Three things could damage your engine beyond repair.


Constant overloading: If you have read our previous articles, you would know that overloading is one of the significant problems associated with generator breakdown.

Overloading means plugging in too many appliances more than the generator's capacity.

In this case, constantly overloading your generator causes the engine block to expand more than it should. As a result, the generator consumes an excessive amount of engine oil.

The technician cannot fix this problem as it has exceeded the point of repair. The advisable thing to do is to change your generator or get a new engine which is almost the exact cost.


Incompetent technicians

There are a lot of inexperienced technicians out there who claim to know their job, which most times is never the case.

The generator needs low-quality carbon emitted from the exhaust to block passages from which excess fuel might sip out.

The problem here is an inexperienced technician would open the generator's cylinder and clean out all the carbon. This will automatically allow the excess fuel to sip out, resulting in excessive fuel consumption. In turn, the engine block will expand and return to the issue of excessive engine oil consumption.

At this point, any repairs would be futile. The best thing to do is to replace your machine.


Lack of oil

Of course, lack of oil is also a problem that can damage the generator for good. However, this is a result of the owner's clumsiness. Newer generators have oil alerts and indicators that inform you when it is time for an oil change or top-up. Disregarding that signal can cause the engine oil to dry up in the oil sump, ultimately breaking down the engine and damaging the generator.

Once the engine is beyond repair, you already know the next best thing to do; buy a new generator.


To purchase a new generator, you do not need to break a bank as SUMEC PLAZA offers the option to pay in instalments over 3-6 months. You can click here to understand how it works.

Ultimately, we must care for our generators, and once we notice it is about to die, it is proper to let it go and use the money for repairs on a newer, more potent generator.

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