Buy Now Pay Later

We are glad to announce our partnership with Carbon Zero to allow our esteemed customers to pay in installment rather than paying 100% at the point of purchase. To use this service, kindly follow the steps below or you can call Carbon Zero at 08149205107 for additional support.
Step 1 (Send purchase request):
  • Click here to fill the purchase request form.
  • Provide your BVN or Carbon account number (if you have a Carbon account)
  • Click +Add and Select 'Sumec Firman (Estendo)' from the store lists.
  • Select the item you want to purchase
  • Choose Delivery Location: If your location isn’t listed please leave blank.
  • Provide the details of your account where most of your income goes to
  • Fill in Your Email address and click Submit.
  • Once submitted the Carbon Zero team would process your request and provide you with a decision in 30 minutes. They may call you for additional details

Step 2 (Fund Carbon Zero account):
  • Once approved you would get an email informing you of this, also showing you your payment schedule
  • Click the link in the email to download the Carbon app
  • Create a carbon account and complete the KYC process to upgrade to Level 2 within a few minutes.
  • If you’re having any issues upgrading to Level 2, Watch this Video
  • Fund your newly created Carbon account with the down payment required (25%) plus the Management fee stated in the approval email.
  • Once payment has been confirmed, an email will be sent to you and we will call you to advise on delivery fees if you want it delivered. You can avoid the delivery fees by coming to Sumec Plaza to pick up your item.