Why Buy from Sumec Plaza

There are several places you can buy a generator. You might wonder why you should buy directly from Sumec Plaza instead of from a market or other online stores like Jumia or Konga-

Trust- We get original Sumec Firman generators and spare parts directly from the manufacturer. This gives us a lot more credibility with Sumec Firman because, in the unlikely event that your purchase from us has any factory defect, we will bear the cost and issue you a replacement at no cost to you. Also, you are confident that you are not dealing with a fake generator, a tampered generator or a refurbished generator. These are possible in the market, especially in other online stores, as they do not directly have an exclusive partnership with Sumec Firman.

Assortment: Our exclusive partnership with Sumec Firman ensures that we usually have all varieties of Sumec Firman generators and spare parts available to you just a click away. This level of variety is not available anywhere else. We also have the most recent information about new additions to Sumec Firman.

Technical Advice- There are no potential issues that we cannot advise you on or solve as we have a Sumec engineer to assist our customers. All you need to do is to call or WhatsApp us on 08097002009 or 09060006940.

 After Sales Service and Warranty- We have a basic three-month warranty that comes with each Sumec Firman product covering all factory defects. This is not available at other online and offline stores. Beyond the warranty, we can also offer you a year extended warranty at an additional cost (although we find it unnecessary because any factory defect would be noticeable within three months). In addition, we are always available to provide after-sale support and maintenance to your generator. All you need to do is to call or WhatsApp us on 08097002009 or 09060006940 for further enquiries about our after-sale service.

Free Returns- If for any reason you are unhappy with your generator, you can return it to us as far as it is unused and still in its original packaging.

Home Delivery: We offer delivery options both within and outside Lagos. All you need to do is to call or WhatsApp us on 08097002009 or 09060006940 for more information.

Very Competitive Pricing- In addition to all the benefits above, which help you buy a generator with complete confidence, we offer very competitive pricing on all the products we sell, thus ensuring you get the best overall deal from generators from your trusted No.1 generator brand in Africa.