Tigmax 5.0kva Key-Start Generator - TG10800E2

Regular price ₦432,000.00 Sale price ₦386,000.00
Tigmax TG10800 - is a cost-effective generator for your home or small business. Tigmax TG10800- is a value for money. It is rated at 5kva and has a recommended maximum load of 5.5kva.  This 5.0kva key start generator can power your TV, Lights, Fridges or Freezer,1.5HP Air Conditioner. It is important to load generators cautiously to prevent overload.
See technical specifications below-
  • Starting system: Recoil/Electricity
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Fuel tank capacity: 25L
  • Capacity: rated 5.0kva max 5.5kva
  • Handle and wheels: Yes
  • Coil: 100% copper
  • Weight: 94.8kg