5000W Transformer Hybrid Inverter Package

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This Package contains everything you need to power your appliances and devices with clean and reliable solar energy. It includes:

  • A 5000 W Transformer Hybrid Inverter that can convert and store electricity from your solar panels or the grid. It supports Li-ion and Lead-Acid batteries (48 Vd.c.) and offers a maximum PV charging current of 40 A. It operates quietly (<45 dB) and has a 2-year warranty.
  • Four 12 V, 200 Ah Gel Batteries. They are maintenance-free, leak-proof, and have a long service life. They can handle deep discharge cycles and high temperatures.
  • Eight 380 W Solar Panels can generate up to 3040 W of power under optimal conditions. They have a 25-year performance warranty.

With this package, you can run appliances with a total power consumption of up to 5000 W, such as lights, fans, TVs, laptops, refrigerators, and more. You can switch between different power sources according to your preferences and settings. This package is ideal for homes, offices, shops, farms, and other places where reliable and affordable electricity is needed.