Firman 550W Solar Panel

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The Firman 550W solar panel is a high-performing, durable choice for residential or commercial use, with 550W output and up to 21.3% efficiency. Its bifacial design increases power by 5-25% and lowers energy costs. Built to withstand harsh weather with a robust, lightweight design, it's certified by IEC61215 standards.
Easy installation and maintenance, thanks to its innovative design and IP68-protected junction box. The panel, with a standard size of 2278 x 1134 x 35mm and a weight of 29kg, offers versatility.
Backed by a 12-year product warranty on materials and workmanship and a Linear 25-year power output warranty with low degradation, it ensures long-term value—an ideal choice for clean, renewable energy at an affordable price.

Technical Specifications.

  • Model: 550M
  • Maximum Power (Wp): 550W
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 50.20V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 13.82A
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vm): 42.4V
  • Maximum Power Current (Im): 12.98A
  • Module Efficiency: 21.396%
  • Maximum Series Fuse: 25A
  • Watts Positive Tolerance: 0-+3%
  • Number of Diodes: 3
  • Standard Test Conditions: 1000W/M², 25°C, AM1.5
  • Maximum System Voltage: 1500V/DC
  • Temperature Coefficient Isc: +0.050%/°C
  • Temperature Coefficient Voc: -0.270%/°C
  • Temperature Coefficient Pmpp: -0.350%/°C
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Normal Operating Cell Temperature: 45±2°C
  • Load Capacity for Module Cover (Glass): 5400Pa (IEC61215) (snow)
  • Load Capacity for Front & Back of Module: 2400Pa (IEC61215) (wind)

Firman 550W Solar Panel
Firman 550W Solar Panel
Firman 550W Solar Panel
Firman 550W Solar Panel
Firman 550W Solar Panel