Firman AVS 13Amps

Regular price ₦8,000.00

Original Firman Voltage Surge Protector

An electronic device that protects against brownouts, elevations during regular operation or voltage instability in the network when the power is restored after an outage. This product applies Digifax technology, which disconnects the source and the device provides a delay in the reconnection of electrical flow, resulting in adequate protection for your equipment.

The protector continuously monitors the voltage network and cuts the supply to the load when it detects any voltage drop or rises beyond the acceptable range and gives way again when the voltage has been stable during the timing cycle.

  • Automatically disconnects the power when it is terrible and reconnects after 7-14 seconds when it is good.
  • Eliminate the need to switch off appliances when the electricity fails.

The specification is for standard 220/240v appliance units only.



  • 13AMPS
  • Over-voltage, surge and spikes
  • Power-back surges
  • Normal: 220/240V
  • Wait time: 7-14 secs
  • Disconnect voltage: 160V/250v

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