Firman FVR-10000W Stabilizer

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The Firman FVR-10000W Stabilizer is a powerful and reliable voltage stabilizer that is perfect for a variety of applications, including homes, businesses, and industrial settings. It features a wide input voltage range of 100V-260V AC, 50Hz, and a regulated output voltage of 220V ±10% AC, 50Hz. This means that it can provide a stable voltage supply even when the input voltage fluctuates significantly.

The FVR-10000W Stabilizer also features a number of other important features, such as:

  • Maximum current: 45.4A
  • Fuse rating: 40A
  • Circuit breaker: Delaying output time: 3-6 seconds or 3 minutes
  • High protect output voltage: 255V
  • Waveform: Sine wave, with no distortion
Firman FVR-10000W Stabilizer
Firman FVR-10000W Stabilizer