Firman Gel Battery 1220001 GDC 12-200AH

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The Firman Gel Battery is a 12V, 200Ah battery that can work in various temperatures and support fast charging and high-power applications. It is easy to charge, maintain, and use. It is a compact and sturdy battery that can power your devices for a long time.

See technical specifications below:

  • The low internal resistance of 2.30mΩ for efficient charging and discharging.
  • Maximum charge current of 60A and maximum discharge current of 2000A for 5 seconds for fast charging and high-power applications.
  • Wide operating temperature range from -15℃ to 50℃ for discharge, from -15℃ to 40℃ for charge, and from -15℃ to 40℃ for storage.
  • High capacity retention rate from 102% at 40℃ to 65% at -15℃.
  •  Simple charge method with float charging voltage of 13.5 ~ 13.8 VDC/Unit and equalization charging voltage of 14.4 ~ 14.9 VDC/Unit at 25℃.
  • Compact and sturdy design with dimensions of 522mm x 240mm x 221mm and a total height of 226mm, weighing about 60kg.