Firman Submersible Pumping Machine 4SDM3/13- 1HP

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The FIRMAN 4SDM3/13 submersible pumping machine has a 0.75kW/1HP output and is designed for efficient pumping with a rated flow of 3m³/h and a maximum flow of 5.2m³/h. It can deliver up to 93m and 66m, making it suitable for a range of applications. The pump rotates at 2850 r/min and is IP68-rated for protection against dust and water. It is also built with F-class insulation for reliable, long-term use.

See technical specifications below:

  • Output: 0.75kW/1HP
  • Rated Flow: 3m³/h
  • Maximum Flow: 5.2m³/h
  • Maximum Delivery: 93m
  • Delivery: 66m
  • Rotation Speed: 2850 r/min
  • IP Rating: IP68 (dust and water protection)
  • Insulation Grade: F-class (reliable, long-term use)