Firman Surface Pumping Machine FJP1500 2HP

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The Firman FJP1500 pumping machine packs a punch with a robust 2-horsepower motor capable of a maximum current of 9.2 amps and a flow rate of 20-125 liters per minute. With a maximum flow rate of 125 liters per minute and a total head of 40 meters, this pump can easily handle even the most challenging pumping tasks. Featuring a durable and compact design, the FJP1500 is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. 

See technical specifications below:

    • Motor: 2 horsepower
    • Max Current: 9.2 amps
    • Flow Rate: 20-125 liters per minute
    • Max Flow Rate: 125 liters per minute
    • Total Head: 40 meters
    • Design: Durable and compact.